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If you have any feedback or criticism regarding how I play Count Dooku, please feel welcome to leave it here! This post can also function as general OOC contact. Anon is enabled, IP logging is off, and all comments are screened.
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1) Dooku is telepathic. He is strong in the Dark Side of the Force, which allows him to intuit the thoughts and feelings of others to a certain extent, or even 'read' information from their minds. Please let me know here if it is okay to use these abilities on your character in threads, otherwise I will always ask before each use!

2) Dooku lies. A staggering proportion of the things that come out of Dooku's mouth are half-truths, 'true from a certain point of view,' false promises, the truth with crucial information omitted, and outright lies. If your character has an ability or talent in detecting falsity, please let me know here so we can plot how to incorporate it into threads with Count Dooku!

3) Dooku is racist. Or rather, Humanocentric. While he conceals it carefully, he secretly holds aliens in contempt and believes Humans (like himself) should be the leaders in the Galaxy. If this is uncomfortable for you and you would prefer not to be tagged by Dooku, please inform me on this post and I will respect your wishes.

4) No fourth-walling, please. Dooku is from an obscure little canon called Star Wars that many characters may recognize him from. While I'm happy to see characters talking between themselves about the Sith Lord in their midst, please do not directly tell Dooku he is from a widely-known pop culture phenomenon, or that your character knows details of his past/future.

5) Dooku chokes people. One of the classic Dark Side powers he wields is to telekinetically strangle people with a gesture- even over means of communication, like a Network. Generally speaking, if the Count can see your character, he can choke them. I will not have him use this ability on any character without prior discussion.
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"You have reached Count Dooku. I regret that I am unavailable to answer your hail. Kindly leave a message, and I shall respond at the earliest opportunity."

Text | E-mail | Voicemail | Phone call | Hologram | Other

Contact for the Constellation team can be found here.
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Since Count Dooku's political arc in Mask or Menace so heavily involves challenging core aspects of the setting- particularly regarding how the government interacts with imPorts- this post serves as a collection of FAQ links with potentially-relevant information regarding the topics Dooku and his allies often agitate against.

NOTE: some of this info may be out of date, as mod teams and setting canon have both changed over the years. Rule of thumb is the older the answer, the less firm it is as canon.

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The electronic document that arrives in Cassian's inbox could only have been written by Count Dooku. Its writing bears the Count's signature style: courteous, formal, considerate, yet laced with notes of cool detachment and the casual arrogance of the born aristocrat. He begins by politely thanking Cassian for taking on the great task of attempting to sort out galactic history, and for his service in the Separatist war effort. In Dooku's words, "Whatever the outcome of our struggle for independence, no one can take away the great sacrifices and courage displayed by the Rockrenders, or the nobility of the cause you fought for."

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NOTE: As of February 2017, Countdown has been disbanded, and Count Dooku has embarked on a new career path.

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If you have any questions or would like to plot regarding Countdown, please let me know here!
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Name: Jesse
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] megalomaniac2
Contacts: jdmegalomaniac2
Current characters at Dissideo: Solidus Snake

Name: Count Dooku
Series: Star Wars
Age: 83
Timeline: After the events of the novel ‘Dark Rendezvous’

History: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dooku

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